Hi, my name is Candice. I am first and foremost a busy Mum to four crazy kids, but also a lover of all things handmade. Welcome to my blog where you will find musings on being a Work at Home Mum, as well as a behind the scenes look at my creative process.

Together with my Mum and Sister, I run a small handmade art and craft business based in Darwin, Australia. We love to create unique, quality products – often one of a kind – that last. By using great materials and infusing care and attention to detail into every piece, we provide an alternative to low quality, mass produced items that seem to be the norm so often these days. At the same time this allows us to create products that give you the chance to reflect your own personality and style.

You can have a look at some of our creations at our Clever Chickens Etsy Store or on our Portfolio Page.

So how did all this start? Well, as far back as I can remember, my Mother and Grandmother have always been crafting. Whether it was knitting, crochet, sewing, painting or sculpting, there was always something artistic happening at my house. In fact, I don’t remember using our dining table to actually EAT much, but I do remember it being a de facto craft area (despite there also being a dedicated sewing room as well!)

All of our clothes were made by my Mother. There were many trips to the fabric shop where Mom and Gran would be in deep conversation over which fabrics were required, which button was the best match, or which pattern should be added to the collection. I remember feeling pretty important as I read out the knitting pattern to Mom as she created her next piece of wearable art. I unpicked tacking from quilts.

And as I grew up, I too began to learn some of these skills and began to love fabrics and their potential to be shaped into something both practical and beautiful. My sister Melinda also got the artistic bug. Painting beautiful unique creations became her passion, just as art came naturally to my Grandmother before her.

And out of all this, Clever Chickens was born. After many years of talking about “one day” possibly starting our own sewing business we finally took it seriously when I had my fourth child. And here we are! But being a working Mum is not always easy, and I also feel like I need to share some of the struggles and victories of our everyday reality. I am sure lots of you out there will be able to relate. So check out my blog posts and leave a comment.

Thanks for dropping by!